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"Full Stretch" was a comedy series that aired on ITV in 1993. The series was set around the ups and downs of a limousine hire service.

Baz Levick sets up a limousine business ferrying everyone from rock stars to local mums out on a hen night. But with his competitors snapping at his heels, Baz has to use all his wits and charm, and anything else he can find, to keep his business afloat.

Full Stretch - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 1993-01-05

Full Stretch - Stretch (rapper) - Netflix

Randy Walker (April 8, 1968 – November 30, 1995), better known by his stage name Stretch, was an American rapper and record producer who was a close friend and collaborator of Tupac Shakur. A member of the Live Squad with his brother Majesty, the group was notable for their early recordings with Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. until the 1994 attack on Shakur at Quad Recording Studios resulted in a highly publicised falling out. On 30 November 1995, Stretch was the first of the three former friends to be murdered.

Full Stretch - Murder - Netflix

On 30 November 1995, Stretch was murdered in a drive-by shooting exactly one year – almost to the minute – after the Quad Studio shooting, fuelling rumors. After a midnight Live Squad studio session with Nas and on his way to an event to see Biggie, Stretch dropped off his brother, Majesty, at his Queens Village home when two or three men pulled up in a black car alongside his green minivan and began chase, shooting at Stretch while driving. Stretch's minivan came to a crashing stop at the corner of 112th Avenue & 209th Street just after 12:30 A.M., and he was found dead with four bullet wounds in his back. Tupac denied involvement with Stretch's murder, but continued to talk about him after death, even up to his own on 13 September 1996. All Eyez On Me was released two months after Stretch's death with all disses intact, and the follow-up The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (1996) contained more allusions to Stretch's supposed role in the 1994 attack on the tell-all diss track “Against All Odds”: “And that nigga that was down for me, restin' dead / Switch sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead”. Closing the final Tupac album, that track also fired shots at the Bad Boy camp and Nas – artists that he felt Stretch had switched allegiance to. Tupac did make peace with Nas in New York's Bryant Park on 4 September 1996, and even listened to It Was Written – featuring the Live Squad productions “Take It In Blood” and “Silent Murder” – as he made his fateful trip to Las Vegas for the Tyson-Seldon fight three days later. According to label boss Suge Knight, Tupac intended to remove the Nas disses from the Makaveli album but died before he could do so – there are no accounts if he resolved his feelings for his former friend. Another theory for the murder would later emerge: “Stretch had robbed a big drug dealer of over 10 bricks [kilograms of cocaine]. There was pressure on the street for him to give those drugs back. And when he didn't, a hit was issued.” In April 2007, as part of a separate investigation into the murder of legendary DJ and fellow Jamaica, Queens, native Jam Master Jay, federal prosecutors named Ronald “Tenad” Washington as a suspect in both murders. With both men dead, Stretch would appear on the posthumous 2Pac releases R U Still Down? (Remember Me) (1997), with the Live Squad production “Nothing To Lose”, and Greatest Hits (1998), featuring the cryptic “God Bless The Dead” (dedicated to a Live Squad and Thug Life affiliate named “Biggy Smallz” that is not The Notorious B.I.G. nor a Latino rapper produced by frequent Tupac producer Johnny J). In 1999, a promo release for The Notorious B.I.G.'s own posthumous album Born Again featured a Bad Boy remix of “House Of Pain” featuring both Stretch and 2Pac. Stretch's brother Majesty would go on to co-found the record label Grand Imperial Records – with rapper E-MoneyBags, himself slain in 2004 under the alleged order of Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, the suspected boss behind the murder of Jam Master Jay – and continued to release music by Live Squad and Stretch, including in 2001 their unreleased album for Tommy Boy Records, Game Of Survival.

Full Stretch - References - Netflix