Inside Buckingham Palace - Netflix

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Exploring the most famous British building in the world - Buckingham Palace and the role it serves as a family home, official office of the head of state and a stage for ceremony.

Inside Buckingham Palace - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-02-24

Inside Buckingham Palace - The Enemy (Higson novel) - Netflix

The Enemy is a post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel written by Charlie Higson. The book takes place in London, after a worldwide sickness has infected adults, turning them into something akin to voracious, cannibalistic zombies. Puffin Books released The Enemy in the UK on 3 September 2009, Disney Hyperion in the US on 11 May 2010. The Enemy is the first book in a planned series of seven. Puffin Books released the second novel in the series, titled The Dead, on 16 September 2010; the third novel, titled The Fear, on 15 September 2011; the fourth novel, The Sacrifice, on the 20 September 2012; the fifth novel, The Fallen, on 12 September 2013; the sixth novel, The Hunted, on 4 September 2014; and the final book, The End, on 10 November 2015. Disney Hyperion released Higson's short story companion book in the series, titled Geeks vs. Zombies, on 5 June 2012; it portrays an exclusive scene from The Fear, set on World Book Day.

Inside Buckingham Palace - Buckingham Palace group - Netflix

Big Nose – A guard at the palace. He carries a gun, and at one point guards the door to the infirmary where Maxie and Blue are held captive. He seems doubtful that David will manage to take over London and would rather be a farmer than a guard. After Achilleus and Lewis free Maxie and Blue, Big Nose begs to be taken with them when they leave, as he has had enough of David's crap and knows he will be punished if he stays. They oblige, and he is among those to escape the palace, though he is apparently not sure he made the right choice. He is described as fair-haired and slightly shorter than Spotty. David King – The leader of the Buckingham Palace group. He is an arrogant, psychopathic and megalomaniacal teenager who attempts to restore the British monarchy under his personal control. He is pale skinned, has a lot of freckles, and looks to be 17 years old. He is extravagant and vain, and dresses excessively in a black suit. Jester claims he is sixteen. Franny – David's head farmer at the palace. She works hard. She wears glasses and overalls, and seems to have feelings for David. Jester – David's right-hand man in the Buckingham Palace group. He walks to meet the Waitrose and Morrisons groups, and persuades them to undertake the trek to the Palace, where he says life is. He wears a patchwork coat to memorialize all those he has lost. Despite this apparent honour, he is insensitive, snobby, and condescending. He is also shown to be a coward several times throughout the book, fleeing danger whenever possible and trying to make alliances with both Achilleus and Just John before their fight so he can be in the winner's graces. He has stiff, matted hair and looks sixteen. Pod – David's head of security at the palace. Described as blond and good looking. He played rugby before the infection. Rose – The head doctor at the palace. She is loyal to David, but seems to feel guilty about imprisoning Maxie and Blue. According to Jester, she was originally from his group and came to the palace with him and others. Spotty – A guard at the palace. He carries a gun and at one point guards the door to the infirmary where Maxie and Blue are being held captive. He seems to believe his position is great and will be rewarded after David takes over London, which he firmly believes will happen. He is slightly taller than Big Nose, and has short, curly brown hair and an infestation of acne.

Inside Buckingham Palace - References - Netflix