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Oh... The 80's. From the unforgivable haircuts and 'Passeio dos Alegres'. AIDS and Bairro Alto. From UHF, Xutos, GNR, Heróis do Mar and Rui Veloso. And "Os Barões", worth to mention. Every revolution needs a spokesperson. For the Portuguese Rock, Xavier Bastos takes that role. Friend of Jorge Palma and connoisseur of music and musicians, he makes of his radio show "Dias do Rock" the epicenter of the sounding earthquake that shakens the portuguese radio. Another trio that will make history starts at the same. João Pedro, Zé Paulo and Garrafa are pure rockers and their talent starts to be recognised by everyone. By Xavier, the rock radio host who offers them a contract; by Pedro, the worthless businessman who gets ahead and steals them for his label; by their friends, girlfriends, even by their families. By the world of music and the public.

Os Filhos do Rock - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-12-08

Os Filhos do Rock - Filipa Areosa - Netflix

Filipa Areosa (born 1992) is a Portuguese film and television actress, best known for her appearances in TV series, including O Mundo ao Contrario (2013), Morangos com Açucar (2012), Os Filhos do Rock, Aqui Tão Longe(2016) and Mar Salgado(2014–2015). She also has made appearances in films, including Morangos Com Açucar – O Filme, A Uma Hora Incerta e other short movies.

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She shaved her head for a role in Amor Maior.

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