Sacred Wonders of Britain - Netflix

Posted on Mon 24 June 2019 in netflix

Neil Oliver goes on a journey to reveal the sacred face of Britain, an ancient landscape of belief and ritual that still lies hidden just below the surface of our modern world.

Sacred Wonders of Britain - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-12-30

Sacred Wonders of Britain - Kenneth Budd - Netflix

Kenneth George Budd (16 October 1925 – 21 January 1995) was an English mural artist, known for his mosaics and work in other materials. His company, Kenneth Budd and Associates was based in Penge, south London. Budd was born in Fulham, London, and studied at Beckenham School of Art from 1941–1944, then at the Royal College of Art from 1947–1950. He first worked for the firm of William Mitchell & Partners of Forest Hill, London. He was made an Associate of the Royal College of Art in 1950. Later in his career, he worked with his son Oliver, who continues to make murals and has redone some of his father's work. In January 2015 Oliver Budd appeared in Episode 2 of the BBC mini-series Sacred Wonders of Britain discussing the Roman mosaics of Lullingstone Roman Villa.

Sacred Wonders of Britain - Works - Netflix

Budd's works include:

Sacred Wonders of Britain - References - Netflix